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21 Majestics is the brainchild of “Missfitz” (Austina Smith). Austina is a seasoned business manager who understands that every event and opportunity presented to the client is special and the success of each goal achieved is obtained by understanding the clients intellectual focus (vision), need and weakness. Finding a solution for their opposition in a plan or project and executing successfully.

We are dedicated to conveying an inspirational individual(s) aspirations to light and make our clients shine like the stars they truly are! Using the power of resource and connecting the pieces of business and talent, creating one beautiful masterpiece. We aim to excel in everything we deliver!

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Midnight Mirage
The Lady Brazilianaire
Exquisite Lengths Beauty & Brow Bar
Small Business Media Services

21 Majestics has not only met but exceeded my expectations at every turn. They have allowed me to focus on other aspects of my businesses growth. They have been able to consistently provide immediate results that have been aligned with the desired image I have for my brand.

– Heather Weatherspoon

Austina and the rest of the staff have been phenomenal. We have been able to widen our footprint and get into other markets. They were able to help us navigate during a pandemic where we have seen competitors suffer. I look forward to what’s to come with 21 Majestics.

– G, Ryan

It is an exciting experience working with 21 Majestic! She gives GUIDANCE without stepping on your CREATIVE toes ! She will let your mind explore to all these GREAT IDEAS; and she will LITERALLY give the steps from the LEGAL WORK to the VISION!
My FIRST event with 21 Majestic (Jan 30,2021) ran smoothly. Absolutely NOTHING went wrong! She worked with EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE TO MAKE SURE MY VISION IS REALITY.

– Daiy’Jovon Glenn

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